A New Beginning

September 20, 2751
My name is Toff Evergreen. I come from a small town in the Elven city of Korvanna. I love nature, animals and I have powers that not everyone has. Nature and I are one, I always feel her under my bare feet. I’ve been slacking on writing in my journal I am easily distracted.
A couple of weeks ago, September 9th, 2751, I left Korvanna for the first time in my life to answer the call for aid in the city of Sylva. It was time, I am so different from the elves around me, they are so clean so proper! They appreciate nature but not on the level that I am on. I am always barefoot, I cloth myself in vines, flowers and leaves. Nature and I are one and no one understands that about me. I like to think outside of the box I like to do things differently and for that I feel like an outsider. I want to be an adventurer I want to be known around the land as a strong spiritual woman that heals and fights and can transform, yes transform into animals. I have heard the tales, read the stories in all the libraries available to me, it’s possible.
Sylva is as grand as I had heard. Very different from where I came from. I met the other adventurers that also came to aid. Oren, Alura and Magus. They seemed like really nice girls. My first impressions of them…Oren carries only a sling, she seems to be a monk, very disciplined and determined. Knowing her better now she is powerful, requries no weapons just her fists and feet. She is an amazing fighter and has saved our lives countless times. Magus striked me as arrogant and knowing her better now she deserves it. Her magical, psionic powers are unbelievable and she works so hard every day to become better she is determined not only to become stronger and greater, but to be the best and be known around all the land. Alura the youngest one of the group. Quiet but strong for her age. Also a psionic, she carries no weapons but manifests them from just thinking about it and focusing!! I have a huge competition but they can’t do what I can which makes me a great addition to the group.
To my surprise I have ended up being the leader of the group. They listen to me and ask me advice. So far we have been on 2 adventures to small towns to aid them. We have worked great together, all of us being so different come together to be stronger. Fighting and traveling by their side has been a lot of fun and I have learned so much, not only from traveling but studying in the grand libraries that wonderful Sylva has to offer. I am definitely considering moving here when I become as strong as I want and am ready to settle down somewhere.
My powers are getting stronger every day, every fight. The arena fights held in the city really helped my figure out how strong I am. I crave to find an animal companion, I’ve killed many animals so far but still haven’t found the one that calls to me. I hope to find one soon to train him and protect him as he will protect me. I feel like I am close to being able to transform into something….powerful. A bear I hope, maybe a wolf. I am afraid of how it will feel but I kno that I can work on it.
I can’t wait to find out what more adventures we can go on. I’ve have never felt so great in my life. I have friends, I am with nature all the time, I am doing good for people and I am slowly but surely beoming known. I am glad that I made the decision to change my life and came to Sylva.


Svm420 Kitty420

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