I Am Ready

Greatness will be mine

September 09, 2751
Archpsion Magus. Magus the Great. Magus the All Knowing. Magus the Psionic Fury. I will head for Sylva today. I am going to start my destiny. I will be a great psion the greatest psion. I will be known throughout the plane. I will leave a legacy for all to know. I will start with whatever trivial task the Fare Winds calls aid for. This however will be my start. All will speak of my humble origins as a lowly adventurer questing just to get by. Then I rose to greatness leading a revolution of knowledge and power. I have the greatest tool at my disposal, my mind. With that I can overcome any and all obstacles. I can only hope that whomever they make my travel these lands with will not hinder my accent to greatness. Gods help them if they do >:)


Svm420 Svm420

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