The Fare Wind

My New Path

September 09, 2751
I am Oren Ishiguro. I come from the temple of Zouken in the city of Cliffview. I came today to answer my kingdoms call for aid. Grandmaster has approved of my leave. I hope to find adventures greater than what duties the a Grandmaster allows me. I will need companions if I hope to make it far in this world, I hope they do not seek trouble or to stray me from my goals. I will always watch them carefully uncertainty sows defeat. After my prayer and meditation I will pack my things. I will carry a light load I don’t need much my body, my mind and my soul are my weapons and armor they are my strength. I will not fail.

It is only a days travel to the city. I have never been. I hope it is not as the elders say. They speak foully of the place of sin. People with no disciple of virtue. I dont care for their words they are old and weathered. I ask the many people who come what the city is like, as long as the elders are not around. They speak of a Great Wall, a great tower and a great castle. Of the many people who live there and how the Fare Wind Guild is a prestigious establishment that the adventurers who’ve joined were given greatly duties across the three empires. I shall take this call from the guild and show my honor and strength. They will measure me and see if I am worthy of jointing there order. I shall show them how great I will be. I must.


Svm420 Svm420

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