What was I thinking...

What would the Grandmaster say! This place is nothing of what the older monks spoke. They have no discipline. The people at this guild are drunkard sinners besides the leader. The men here laughed when I asked them what glorious quest they had completed. I stopped long enough to say, “Well Darkor has drank 8 pint andé ain’t even ahd brakefeast yet!” They neighed like the assess they are. I will find glory and prove my honor. There must be a way. This must just be a test to see if I quit. I will not. I will prove my self.

Franklin the Weary, he has many bards tales of his adventures. He has slain many a beast in his times. He asked us to quest to seek the sheriff of a thorp and hear what aid he needs, and root out what evil plagues them. Zouken will be my guide. This quest will prove little of me I hope we are able to attend to more trying matters. None the less I will complete this trial. Franklin says hasn’t had any new apprentices in months so he needed anyone to go out an dhelp the people. He says if we do this great things are in store for us. I do not trust him. His words are sweet. One is a fool to be swayed by such things. I shall see what this place has in store for me. I must prove my honor and my strength.


Svm420 Svm420

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