Franklin, the old and gray, thanks us for out effort and gives us honorary membership. says the first 2 months of dues are covered. That is an excuse not to pay us. He says that while we ere gone he received word of another matter he would like us to handle.

He wants us to travel to Seawood, another nice thorp, to help their people. He again is of no help with details of the matter. We will set out first thing in the morning. After we have time to rid ourselves of this sticking defiled loot from the putrid goblin caves. I will be sure to seek out a wondrous psionic item to procure more power, nothing will stand in my way to greatness. I do hope this new matter will be a great test of my prowess…

A start...
I am resolute.

Stonewood was a breeze. These other girls managed to hold there own this time. I of course wield th might of my mind only in the most necessary and fortuitous moment. Perfectly accenting our effort. Goblin are of no real challenge I seek strong foes to truly test my ability. We head back to the city to collect of gold from the adventurers guild of Sylva the Fare Wind.

What was I thinking...

What would the Grandmaster say! This place is nothing of what the older monks spoke. They have no discipline. The people at this guild are drunkard sinners besides the leader. The men here laughed when I asked them what glorious quest they had completed. I stopped long enough to say, “Well Darkor has drank 8 pint andé ain’t even ahd brakefeast yet!” They neighed like the assess they are. I will find glory and prove my honor. There must be a way. This must just be a test to see if I quit. I will not. I will prove my self.

Franklin the Weary, he has many bards tales of his adventures. He has slain many a beast in his times. He asked us to quest to seek the sheriff of a thorp and hear what aid he needs, and root out what evil plagues them. Zouken will be my guide. This quest will prove little of me I hope we are able to attend to more trying matters. None the less I will complete this trial. Franklin says hasn’t had any new apprentices in months so he needed anyone to go out an dhelp the people. He says if we do this great things are in store for us. I do not trust him. His words are sweet. One is a fool to be swayed by such things. I shall see what this place has in store for me. I must prove my honor and my strength.

I Am Ready
Greatness will be mine

September 09, 2751
Archpsion Magus. Magus the Great. Magus the All Knowing. Magus the Psionic Fury. I will head for Sylva today. I am going to start my destiny. I will be a great psion the greatest psion. I will be known throughout the plane. I will leave a legacy for all to know. I will start with whatever trivial task the Fare Winds calls aid for. This however will be my start. All will speak of my humble origins as a lowly adventurer questing just to get by. Then I rose to greatness leading a revolution of knowledge and power. I have the greatest tool at my disposal, my mind. With that I can overcome any and all obstacles. I can only hope that whomever they make my travel these lands with will not hinder my accent to greatness. Gods help them if they do >:)

The Fare Wind
My New Path

September 09, 2751
I am Oren Ishiguro. I come from the temple of Zouken in the city of Cliffview. I came today to answer my kingdoms call for aid. Grandmaster has approved of my leave. I hope to find adventures greater than what duties the a Grandmaster allows me. I will need companions if I hope to make it far in this world, I hope they do not seek trouble or to stray me from my goals. I will always watch them carefully uncertainty sows defeat. After my prayer and meditation I will pack my things. I will carry a light load I don’t need much my body, my mind and my soul are my weapons and armor they are my strength. I will not fail.

It is only a days travel to the city. I have never been. I hope it is not as the elders say. They speak foully of the place of sin. People with no disciple of virtue. I dont care for their words they are old and weathered. I ask the many people who come what the city is like, as long as the elders are not around. They speak of a Great Wall, a great tower and a great castle. Of the many people who live there and how the Fare Wind Guild is a prestigious establishment that the adventurers who’ve joined were given greatly duties across the three empires. I shall take this call from the guild and show my honor and strength. They will measure me and see if I am worthy of jointing there order. I shall show them how great I will be. I must.

A Brief Introduction
A brief glimpse into the knowledge we all share.

September 08, 2751
Two millennia ago a great change shook Mundas. It’s too long ago to for detail, too long ago for writing people just talked. Mundas was torn asunder and the event is part if all races history. They all talk of the great powers that awoke. Power beyond changed Mundas from the barbaric place it was to a supernatural world with dangers far worse than ever seen before. New power had arose, and it was unprecedented.

With mere thought one could create or destroy, free or dominate. It changed Men and Mer. A rift in humanity was formed some were gifted with power of the mind. Those that would do wicked things used to tyrannically. Humans fled west were none had ventured. Elves wielding arcane might forged a path north for their safety. The other races fearing these changes and the power wielded traveled east. As the each fled a schism hit Mundas itself. Behind the fleeting men and Mer Mundas changed thick dense forest and tall looming mountains grew from hills and plains, dividing the land and the people. In the cradle of life a great desert grew killing all who dare tread it.

Humanity found a new path divination. The gods heard their periled cries and gifted them divine strength and might. They exacted vengeance on their oppressors. In a Great War that lasted centuries Men of Mind and Men of Divine fought. Finally the wise elves left always studying and understand the powers they wield, intervined and called for peace the world as they new it would be lost if the greatest forces of good and peace of the Men, Mer and Kalashtar did not come together to end the hate and fear. They formed an alliance that with their collective power ended the conflicts. This was the beginning if the great peace.

Peace brought wealth, knowledge and prosperity to the people. For so long things seemed perfect and if the gods themselves planed for it all. But underneath it great powers stirred. For the changes that racked Men and Mer also changed all of nature. As people set out to explore Mundas and its new terrain they found danger and death. Those supernatural forces gifted to them also empowered beast creating abominations, the planes birthed unspeakable horrors. The chaos laid dormant while war drained the power from Mundas, but with peace that power was tapped elsewhere. It allowed the forces of the other planes to seep in.


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